Mini Hottie Winter Handwarmer Red Knitted Cover Re-usable Ideal Gift

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This adorable mini hottie hand warmer is not only super cute, its practical too!
designed for keeping out the winter chills and ensures your mitts stay toasty and warm on those frosty outings.
The tiny knitted cover contains a re-usable click to heat gel pack.
(see description below for instructions on how to use)
The mini hottie hand warmer would make a super gift for family and friends.
Of course you could keep it for yourself if you can't bear to give it away!



To Heat: Simply click the disc inside; this will start a chemical reaction and the liquid inside will crystallize and begin to heat up instantly.

The heat will last for 30-60 minutes but can last for several hours if placed in an insulated space

(i.e. pocket/mitten/glove)

Top Tip: Massaging the pack during use will help maximise the heat.

To Re-use: simply pop the pack in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes and allow to cool.


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